Vibing Gardens Landscaping Flower   


   Vibing Gardens Landscaping Flower
  • Horticultural Services
  • House Keeping Services
  • Value Added Services
  • Optional Maintenance Services
  • Site Management and Administration Services

Horticultural Services

    • Lawn care and turf maintenance
    • Garden bed maintenance
    • Seasonal fertilizing and composting programs
    • Landscape additions and seasonal projects
    • Tree maintenance
    • Weed control
    • Irrigation maintenance

House Keeping Services

    • Communal passageway, lift and stairway cleaning
    • Common paved area, parkade and basement cleaning
    • Basic window cleaning
    • Refuse management
    • Illumination maintenance
    • Clubhouse and entertainment facilities
    • Hygene maintenance and consumables

Value Added Services

    • Pool care and filtration maintenance
    • Bin area and bin sanitizing
    • Anual gutter cleaning
    • Water feature and filtration maintenance
    • Basic rodent and pest control

Optional Maintenance Services

    • Plumbing - Toilets, taps and mixers, service drain blockage, cleaning of pressure valves
    • Paving - Repairing collapsed paving, replacing oil stained and broken pavers
    • Patch work - Repairing minor chips in plaster work (this is generally caused by residents moving)
    • Paint work - Painting of patch work, painting of single steel structures, minor road markings
    • Roof maintenance - Single tile replacement, repair of collapsed verges
    • Other maintenance - Sourcing and mounting disclaimer boards, carport numbers, door repairs and duct cover replacement

Site Management and Administration Services

    • Set management structures
    • Daily customer communications
    • Site management plans
    • Monthly progress reports
    • Site and Area manager support: Monday to Friday from 7am - 5 pm
    • Administration support: Monday to Friday from 8am - 4pm
    • Meeting attendance availability